Activating the body's own healing mechanisms to restore itself to health, naturally.

Dr. Xu saw the need to enhance the most effective of the Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas with modern vitamin science. Dr. Xu saw that patients:

  • Were over scheduled
  • Were over stressed
  • Had their energy reserves and adrenal systems depleted and
  • Immune systems overtaxed

“I Created Serenia Labs to provide my patients with result based botanical formulas which nourish and rebalance the body’s own healing mechanisms to restore itself to health naturally.

- Dr. Xu, doctor, herbalist, practicing clinician


Traditional Chinese Medicine


Around 2,500 BC, Traditional Chinese herbalists began to cultivate medicinal herbs, and to record their astonishing healing, harmonizing and restorative properties in the great ancient texts, which are still in use today.

The ancient herbalists discovered that botanicals and herbs had the amazing effect of activating the body’s own healing mechanisms, to restore itself to health and wellness naturally.